Window on a rainy day

Rainy Season

The rainy season is here. The redwoods drop their tiny cones in late November and early December, we collect the ones that fall on the deck, put them in straw to dry: in February we plant the seedlings to give Gaia a helping hand on reforestation. Being cozy in a storm is something the body remembers-pretty sure my ancestors wrapped themselves in furry blankets and sat at a cave mouth with a fire lit behind them and smelled the grass and the wet soil and felt the same sense of wonder and safety that I did today- today I was grateful for candles, lo-fi beats, a warm and dry yoga studio, a very strong practice, for the rain drumming on the roof (which also sounding like Om), and then for this a sudden break in the clouds. When the sky cleared a collection of tiny birds darted out for a quick romp- chickadees finches song sparrows – and so did we. The sparkling clean sky after the storm, all the green earth glowing. There is only now. Kiss the ground, hug a tree, love your mama earth. #jaima #bhumidev #doublerainbow🌈🌈 #doublerainbows #mybodythisearth

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