Rebound from Betrayal, Create Sacred Safety & Express your True Self with Viraja Prema



Joining us this week is Love and Intimacy expert, Viraja Prema. She is an Intimacy Intuitive, Dakini, Love and Relationship Coach, Integrative Healing Facilitator, Plant Medicine Guide and a Mother of two. She leads with compassion, empathy, direct experience, wisdom, intuition and love.


Viraja’s work supports overcoming anxiety, trauma, fear and separation and moving towards safety, trust, vulnerability, authenticity, feeling secure and being fully loved for all of who you are.

In this episode, we cover:

  • What is safety?
  • What causes people not to trust themselves?
  • Her safety experiences of womanhood and childbirth challenges
  • On coping with uncertainties and a near-death experience
  • On reprogramming yourself when you do not feel safe
  • Common patterns in dealing with the lack of safety: Head, heart, and groin.
  • Safety in Sexuality: Sacred safety, conscious sensuality, and presence.
  • Universal human needs
  • Her Coaching and new school “Dakini University”


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