Creating Ritual in Modern Life

by Christine Marie Mason

Reverence and ritual help us be more present.

The practices in this book can anchor meaning. They help us create a more magical, enchanted and sparkling experience, whether we are celebrating, or healing.  Reverence invites us to walk in greater awareness of all the things life brings: the tender, fierce, resilient, calm, despairing, joyous aspects of life. It can make us especially aware of our precious connections to each other and to the planet we are part of.

There are personal benefits to living with more ritual and ceremony. One of them is that being completely present in an experience allows us to feel it and release it—we don’t hold on to so much. We walk through life with a lot less baggage and a lot more presence in the moment. When we practice with others, the space between us comes alive, and we don’t feel so alone.

Join us in Reverence. Sink in to the wonder of being alive.  Our love of this life might make us take better care of ourselves, of the world and each other.  Ritual, ceremony and devotional space help us live with more enchantment and magic, to live out a cosmology of care and interdependence every day.

For me, the only things that are sustainable are the ones that are done from love. It’s the only resource that never dries up.

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