Ritual, Connection and Meaning

Joining us today is Christine’s close friend, Adam Bauer. He’s here to talk about Christine’s newly released book Reverence: Creating Ritual in Modern Life. How Reverence connects and invites us to walk in greater awareness of all the things life brings whether we are celebrating or healing. 

In this episode, we cover:

Introduction about the Reverence: Creating Ritual in Modern LifeWhat is the Rosebud Woman?How did Sundari Gardens started?What does Reverence mean?Why do Rituals?Cultivating presence: The Inner Space of RitualWhat is Spirituality?The grief and re-entry ritualsGuided questions for year-end intentions

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Adam Bauer – Trained and certified as a massage therapist, ontological coach, and neo-tantric practitionerRam Dass – spiritual teacher, the guru of modern yoga, psychologist, and authorReverence: Creating Ritual in Modern Life book by Christine Marie Mason is now available at the rosewoman.com or at xtine.com. Also available in Reverence Gift BoxEpisode #28: Nicolle Hodges, Sexual Debut: Revisiting the Virginity StoryEpisode #54: The Soul of Power with Christian de la HuertaSundari Gardens – a farm, residence, and guest house, practicing leadership for a New Earth.Thomas Hubl – a renowned teacher, author, and international facilitator whose lifelong work integrates the core insights of the great wisdom traditions and mysticism with the discoveries of science.Find Rosebud Woman on Instagram as @rosebudwoman and Christine on Instagram as @the.rose.woman


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