Rosebud: Radical Personal Self Care

Rosebud: Radical Personal Self Care

Making a company…. a work update: Have I told you about Rosebud?

Rosebud is my new line of what I’ve been (half jokingly) calling pussyceuticals – but that is indeed what they are. Gorgeous effective organic unguents and creams to honor, soothe, arouse, and restore the skin and biome of this area. After more than a year of preparation, formulations, design… we’re about to launch and are so thrilled.

During our research (which started way back with Megan Flamer doing round table interviews), we learned that women themselves often don’t talk about how this body part is functioning, how it feels day to day. Even though many have discomfort, arousal challenges, thin skin, dryness… they just don’t talk about it. They might look on the internet, and some ask a doctor or midwife, but mostly, these concerns are just kept to themselves. And it’s women of every age- 20s to 70s! I was also really surprised to see how few women have no self-care rituals here. How few have self care rituals around their sexual cycles, reproductive cycles or life cycles. And how few solutions are designed for this part of the body- except for lube and medicine. In response, we developed some gorgeous formulations to address these needs, based on plant knowledge, with proven chemistry and documented outcomes- they are organic, non-toxic, with light scents and amazing hand feel.

If you’re interested, you can put your name in at the website to receive a sample kit. You can also write to me if you work in any way in female empowerment, sex positivity, embodiment or holistic integrated health, and would like to learn more about the line and carrying them in your practice or spa.

Yes to new ventures that we’re passionate about. Yes to radical self care. Yes to happy healthy vaginomes!


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