Heisenberg's Longing

Schroedinger’s Love/ Heisenberg’s Longing

You say you have fallen in love with me, but I am only dust and apparition. Uncountable tiny mirrors arranged as eyes and lips and breasts and hips. No more than an invitation to let the love that is always in you to show itself. Maybe I whisper: Come out come out wherever you are and offer a canvas- but it is all you exploding the colors of your essential nature onto me, that which you always were, infinite generosity and creativity and also poetry and melody and exuberance. Why is it that a mere signal of acceptance makes it easier to shine, when you are this enthusiast all the time. I may have triggered you, triggered your joy- but it’s YOUR joy just like any emotion: your love is self sourced.

Every time I have fallen in love, it feels the same in my body. So this must mean it’s independent of the object of my affections. I feel expansive and free to express and free to let my love land, I feel light and clear and full of possibility. Effectively when I am in love, I am the best of me. So this got me thinking, if it’s independent of the person, might it be possible to live “in love” all the time? To surface this state of grace, the sense of time out of time as a way of being? Without a contextual device like a lover? Or is it part of the human condition to uniquely experience this state of being primarily in the companionship of an embodied beloved? I often feel elated and free at merely being alive, at being nature, and this is happening more and more.

So the question is pertinent as I see a new possibility for truly living in love all the time emerging. It is a high calling to be a safe haven in which others can unabashedly show their light. To be the beloved. To reflect it back to them. But if we’re all flowing into revealing the expansive freedom that’s already in us without an emotional fluffer, the world would be a much better place.

I have a new understanding of this with gurus as well as lovers…. The true guru for example gives your love a place to land. She or her simple reflects yourself back to you, and shows you your own infinite grace. That which is always in you.

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