Christine Marie Mason


Bending the Bow: An Introduction

Hurt people hurt people, Healed people heal people.  Harm to one is harm to all, Love to one is love to all. Laying the Foundation Do you marvel at those who are capable of resilience and bravery

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Refresh: A DayLong Retreat in Ojai, California

Full Renewal Saturday: Power of Connection Access more authenticity and freedom through easily available tools and practices, and enjoy a luscious day of collective cultural metabolism physically, mentally & emotionally with loving friends. 8:15-9:15a: Cycle

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Inner Freedom

SCALE: Transcending Our Biology

From SCALE: Everything about our human scale causes us to foundationally misapprehend reality. The very fact of being in our bodies creates a perceptual bias. The limits of our sensory capacity- what we can see

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