2021 talk topics

I often talk about the lessons learned from building 7 companies, raising a big family and writing books. I talk about tapping into the universal flow, and the battery of creation. I talk about creating Rosebud Woman, and about the massive global evolution of the feminine masculine balance that’s afoot. I talk about creating Sundari and the vision for a new way to live together, and I conduct interactive programs based on my books and training. 

Let’s talk about doing a needle-moving powerful program together. Some examples: 

  • Change your worldview, change your world
  • Beyond collective trauma to collective healing
  • A woman’s vedanta: enlightenment and diapers
  • Restoration of the feminine
  • Desire is an oracle
  • Self love and the unashamed body
  • Full presence: Stepping into peace and power
  • Learning from great activists
  • Exquisite Attention: Sensuality & Intimacy
  • The connected mindset 
  • Finding our voice

I present in an interactive format, often incorporating movement. 

What Attendees Say

“Christine has an immense intellect and an equally big heart: whatever question is being asked, she will bring a completely unique presence and perspective into the room.”- KRS

“One of the most profound talks of the weekend. I’m still mind blown….it has turned me inward, feeling the depths of what took place this weekend. The Visionaries Summit was extraordinary. Thank you, Christine Marie Mason.”-LCP

– “Thank you for showering your discerning love on the world. Your intelligence is both visionary and precise, and you hold both in balance; a bridge for the small and large visions to feed each other; for the sky and earth to co habitate.”-MLM

“A polymath genius goddess”-JG

“One of our friends joined us at Summit and became a complete convert after experiencing your workshop, and made a lifelong friend in your Sharing Trio. Your discussion of “Enoughness” was also very powerful and we believe needs to impact more women today!”-TF

Individual sovereignty is a spiritual matter. While we are born into nation states, we belong to the earth, inherently valuable, intelligent, beautiful and free.
-Bending the Bow
At some point you have to choose between safety and sovereignty. You can't be a man or woman in full while cowering from those in power.
-Bending the Bow
Great change agents come to terms with the possibility of their own premature death. This changes the way they lead.
-Bending the Bow
Every charismatic activist is surrounded by 4 to 6 key insiders, all filling predictable roles. It's this pod that makes a movement; noone does it alone.
-Bending the Bow
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I’d love to hear from you. Please reach out with questions, comments or collaborations.

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