Technologies of Hate, Technologies of Connection

Yesterday I had a chance to talk about the Technologies of Hate/Technologies of Connection in an Ignite talk at the Long Now 20th Anniversary Member Summit. For those who wanted to see the slides more closely, here they are, with voiceover. In this desktop version, it’s little longer (6 minutes). I’m developing a short e-book with more details on each of the technology categories mentioned.


I would like to see everyone question the culture of violence in ourselves and in the world around us. Simply start with noticing it, and with shifting any beliefs about violence being an unsolvable problem into it being a place to invest our best thinking.

“There’s only one war: the war in the heart of the individual to do violence or not. We can bring technical and cultural strategies to bear on making that choice be for interdependence and life. We have the mind, money and motivation to evolve ourselves individually and as a species, to cure this collective mental illness of self-annihilation, save ourselves from ourselves- and to create an essentially peaceful shared destiny.”

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When I was a little thing my parents would release us naked onto the beach like most European children and we would clamber over rocks and play in the shore waters for hours. There was no self-consciousness about it at all. After being sexualized and shamed about my body in adolescence and adulthood, I stopped being naked in public. It seemed then a no-win situation:

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There’s no exemption from loss or heartache if you have a human body, unless you steel yourself to such a degree as to not feel—or choose to live like an astronaut out in spiritual space, disconnected from the earth of you. The Buddhists say the First Noble Truth is that “Life is suffering.” I think that’s more of a partial truth, with a distinct negativity

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