Telling Stories that Matter: Enchantments for Inspired Change with Maria Sipka

Maria Sipka was amongst the first to pioneer influencer marketing in early 2000 with a mission to bring more consciousness into advertising through meaningful and impactful storytelling. Maria is visionary and co-founder at Linqia.

Over the past decade, Linqia has earned its place as a leading tech enabled full service influencer marketing provider whose turnkey programs deliver measured results for over 600 enterprise and emerging brands.

Prior to Linqia, Maria was part of the founding team and COO at XING, Europe’s leading business network, where she led XING’s monetization and internationalization plan exiting shortly after its IPO. Today, XING has a market cap of over $1B.

At the age of 19, Maria founded her first company – a content marketing agency that grew to be one of the most respected consultancies in Australia. Additionally, Maria has been recognized as one of the leading women in technology by Forbes and is a contributor to the Forbes Agency Council.

Maria is passionate about Social Impact Storytelling based on the belief that all ideas start with two things, emotional connection and inspired action.

In today’s world people are full alert to catalyze those emotions into action, looking for a way to manifest change.

With Maria’s decentralized and influence driven G.I.V.E. approach, Maria is a catalyst for ideas and the potential billions of people who could be impacted by them.

The GIVEcode:

G – Start with generosity by rewarding unconventional emotion

I – Think Infinitely (without boundaries) inspiring positive reaction/happiness

V – Come from a place of Vulnerability by thinking about the individual. It’s about them, not us. Let them tell their story

E- Infuse with Energy by supercharging your goals with igniting a positive mindset

Welcome, dear listeners! Today, we are honored to have a chat with a remarkable guest, Maria Sipka. Her journey is one filled with a profound belief in the transformative potential of Social Impact Storytelling. Maria unveils her incredible life story, rooted in the dream of finding freedom, which led her on a path of exploration, self-discovery, and global connection. Join us and listen in as we embark on this transformative episode, and let Maria’s wisdom and experiences inspire your journey and story. #yearn

In this episode, we cover the following:

  • The beginning of meaningful storytelling, the dream of finding freedom 
  • What is Vipassana?
  • The concept of “Year of” themes.
  • Discovering her passion for storytelling and recognizing the power of collective intention and connection.
  • On asking the right questions.
  • On building a conscious community, connecting people, and promoting personal growth: The Yearn Festival.
  • The use of meaningful names for homes to set the stage for experiences.
  • Suggestions for incorporating story and magic.
  • The symbolism of the dandelion and the power of storytelling and propagation.

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