The Art & Practice of Putting Connection First: Webinar Replay

Hi all,

This is the full webinar from last week. I was very grateful for all of your kind comments, some of which are relayed below. I’m not great on camera (yet!), so please forgive that- I don’t know where to look, and have some strange gestures- I need practice.

That said, the ideas are clear and true to the message of the book. It’s an hour long. If you’re short on time, the section on anger and loneliness begins at 17:25.

Feedback and questions are welcome.



Gina Springer – “Really spoke to me”
Karen Hurley – “She is a breath of fresh air. I love what she has to say.”
Christine Young – “So many encouraging, helpful concepts!”
Colleen Pon – “Wonderful talk today. Completely agree that this conversation needs to be shared with family and community.”
Melanie Hoffner – “WOW! Powerful author webinar. Thank you very much for getting this critical information out at this time in our world. I appreciate the brain information you included, as well as all of the personal experiences you shared. Your work reminds us that a positive global shift in connection begins one connection at a time!”
Chuck Blouse – “Thank you for this webinar Becky. I was mesmerized by Christine and her work. I am looking forward to hearing and seeing more of Christine in the future. Wow-what an amazing person. I could listen to her all day.”
Nazeer Sultan – “This has been a most fantastic webinar with great practical advice. Badly needed in all communities. The 21Days practice makes sense. Will love to get some tips on how to get going.”
Dana – “I so enjoyed the conversation about connection because for me personally I am all about connecting to people. I ask tons of questions when I meet people which not all people like (especially introverts and I am an extrovert). But it is something that is missing in our society is that connection. My family and I have lived in three different states and one country and it is not easy making new connections, but I am always trying.”
Lee Ann Pender – “A couple of my coworkers joined me and we all agreed that the presentation was excellent and very applicable personally and professionally.”
Shelli Richter – “I really liked Putting Connection First, as that is exactly what I’ve been practicing more & more lately for last few years now. Just wish would have started earlier. … Connecting with heart is first b4 trying to really connecting w/brain. Love this book!”

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