The Conversations that Feed You: Ashley Sumner,  Founder of QUILT

The Conversations that Feed You: Ashley Sumner, Founder of QUILT

The Conversations that Feed You: Ashley Sumner, Founder of QUILT

This week on the Rose Woman Pod, Ashley Sumner, the founder of Quilt, a supportive audio social app for real-time conversations. This episode is about Self-care, how this amazing community driven app started and how you can use this app to find space for conversation and connecting with others. 

Quilt is the self care audio social network for supportive, real-time conversations, built to re-humanize social media with the goal of helping people feel better on a daily basis. Ashley’s startup career started 12 years ago in NYC at a matchmaking company. With an intuitive ability to bring people together, she turned her passion into a career as a community developer for brands such as NeueHouse, Wanderlust and Breakout ultimately leading to the creation of Quilt, which started as a platform inspiring people to open their homes for intimate conversations and shared experiences. Quilt has evolved into this new type of social network, in response to 2020.

We Cover: 

  • Story on how Quilt Started
  • What Quilt is for
  • Evolution to audio platform
  • “Where conversation is self care” 
  • Elements of good conversation?
  • Impact Before, During and Post-Covid

Try Quilt now:

Answer this: Why do you matter? Add #whydoyoumatter  tag @wearequilt Instagram and Twitter

Find Ashley on Instagram and Twitter @ashleyjsumner

Follow Quilt on Instagram and Twitter @wearequilt

Find Christine at Rosewoman and on Instagram @rosebudwoman or at on Instagram @the.rose.woman

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