The Eros Sutras with Nicole Daedone

The Eros Sutras with Nicole Daedone

In this episode of The Rose Woman Podcast, erotic artist and co-founder of OneTaste, Nicole Daedone, joins us to discuss important topics like internalized shame, sexual wellness, and personal transformation. As an expert in Buddhist meditation and sexual wellness, and the author of “The Eros Sutras,” Nicole shares her extensive knowledge and experience with us. So Listen in and discover valuable insights that can help you on your journey towards greater self-awareness and intimacy.Nicole Daedone co-founded OneTaste to reawaken the connection with intimacy, with each other, and to the primal source of energy that drives creativity—sexuality. She created a contemplative discipline around Orgasmic Meditation (OM) that offers an immediate experience of what happens when individuals unleash rather than repress who they are. Since then, OneTaste has gathered some of the greatest research psychologists and neuroscientists to study the intersection of sexuality and human potential, conducting the largest study of its kind since Masters and Johnson. OM has perhaps the most powerful effect of any natural process on healing trauma, promoting well-being, and fostering transcendental experiences. Nicole has brought people together and created systems to manifest and ground this vision in observable benefits.

The Eros Sutras is a collection of writings that lay out Erotic philosophy, and support accessing the mystical state through OM. Eros is an essential energy force that seeks to unify masculine and feminine energies; it manifests as creativity and genius. The Eros Sutras offer guidance for building a lifestyle to continuously access the mystical state, and to live from a foundation of truth, connection, and practice. The Sutras reveal a new way of looking at the world, and relating to everything around us. Much like the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, which lay out the path and philosophy of the practice of yoga, or the Bible, which lays out the path for Christianity, The Eros Sutras lay out the path of OM.


In this episode, we cover:

  • Origins of Orgasmic Meditation
  • Development of OM
  • Feminine Transmission and Language
  • On Writing “The Ero Sutras” manifesto
  • What does “Eros” mean?
  • Tumescence and Creative Flow
  • Vajra Pride
  • Thoughts on desire for further evolution and perfection
  • The transformative power of acceptance and self-love
  • Fulfillment Beyond Expectations
  • Societal Conditioning Around Female Desire
  • True Desire vs. Craving
  • Contributing to Society
  • Breaking Free from Victimhood
  • On Recognizing Projection in the realm of sexuality and authenticity
  • Trust in Personal Experience
  • The War on Sex
  • AI algorithms reflecting societal biases and Censorship
  • Cancel Culture, Resilience and Deep Listening

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