‘The Invitation: Daily Love for Your Intimate Self’ Published

‘The Invitation: Daily Love for Your Intimate Self’ Published

By Christine Marie Mason & Carolyn E. Davis / Illustrations by Ouvra

100 pages – Release date: December 7th, 2018

ISBN-13: 978-0-9977277-6-0

Rosebud Woman is thrilled to announce the publication of “The Invitation: Daily Love for Your Intimate Self.

Created as a companion volume for Rosebud Woman’s line of intimate skincare products, “The Invitation” explores many facets of a woman’s biology, body, and spirit. Focusing on self-reverence, it provides a view onto to the interconnectedness of our internal and external organs; a guide for self-love and integrative self-massage; and thoughts about how the cyclic nature of women’s lives can exist in harmony with the default world of linear, often unbalancing time demands.

“The book is an invitation to females to look into how our intimate parts rest in the pelvic bowl, which rests in the body, which is infused with blood, and all the good and bad materials circulating therein,” says co-author and Rosebud Woman founder Christine Marie Mason, whose work bridges the worlds of tech, health, and the natural sciences. “We want to spark a deeper awakening to all the ways you might be in wonder at the miracle of your own body and practice sensual self-care and reconnection.”

Along with “Know Your Body Parts” and “Life in Cycles,” “The Invitation’s” 10 sections include “ Conscious Sensuality,” “Caring for the Skin and Tissues,” and a primer on “Oral Supplements for Skin and Female Health.” Women of all ages will find the book supportive, useful, educational, and inspiring.

“Though the book is independent of our product line, it complements everything we do,” Mason says. “What is self care and self love? How are self love and personal power tied together? How DO you understand your intimate body parts and care for yourself better? We want to deliver the message that no part of you is to be denied: every part of you is lovable and worthy of care.”

Among “The Invitation’s” highlights are the lively illustrations adapted from Australian-based artist Maria Rozalia Finna, who works by the name of Ouvra. Her colorful, unabashed portraits of the female anatomy highlight the magical beauty of women’s bodies, which are treated throughout the book as manifestations of a divine spirit, worthy of great love and self-care.

Christine is the founder and CEO of Rosebud Woman and a Principal at Now Labs Inc. A steady innovator, she has founded, grown and sold 6 companies, and served as an advisor or board member to many others. As a yoga instructor, visual artist, musician, magazine editor, writer, and mother, she has lived and traveled all over the world. She now divides her time between California and New Earth Mandala, her retreat center in Hawaii, dedicated to Human Potential. She graduated with a MBA from the JL Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University, with an additional degree in Political Science and Human Rights.

“The Invitation” is available here: Christine Mason is available for interviews, and an FAQ about her work will be sent upon request.
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