Rap Priestess Lizzy Jeff

On this episode of the Rose Woman podcast, we welcome Rap Priestess Lizzy Jeff.  She is a revolutionary and visionary artist dedicated to healing the collective through #HipHop music, micro reparations & curated Zen & Kush experiences.

As Founder and CEO of Zen & Kush Records, #LizzyJeff is on a mission to elevate the planet through #plantmedicine, #community, and social restoration, with a splash of sensuality. Her lyrics are #affirmations for ascension and her live performances serve as a portal of thought-provoking lyrics that empower the youth and help restore balance within our communities.

She will share her thoughts on self-love, sensual healing, and divine feminine expressions. 


 In this episode, we cover:

  •  How did Lizzy started her journey of #embodiment, #healing, sacred activism, & #creative expression?
  • In creating an abundant #community and uplifting people
  • How does Lizzy know that something is in alignment with herself?
  • What does it mean to get into the #power of #feminine #essence?
  • Normalizing #bodylove
  • Who is #QueenAfua?


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