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The Soul of Business at CIIS

A Panel Conversation on Awakening Ventures and Work (March 31, 2021)


Christine Marie Mason is a six-time founder and CEO, with a deep interest in women’s wellness and the liberation of all people. She is the Founder of Rosebud Woman, an intimate body care line that addresses the unmet needs of women and invites new conversations about self-care, self-love and power.


Deepak Bansal is the founder and director of Meaning Quotient GmbH, a learning organization that facilitates values driven change in people and companies by putting meaning in the heart of decisions and actions. He stands at the intersection of Technology (MTech – India), Business (MBA, HSG Switzerland), and Humanity (MA, Philosophy, California; coach CPCC, ACC). With 15+ years in the corporate world, he has held Executive positions (COO, Director) in Consulting and Multinationals like Accenture, Deutsche Post DHL, and Zurich Insurance Company. He has also led Learning & Development for a strategic consulting unit. An Indian national, and a Swiss resident, he can speak English, Hindi, Spanish (professional level), & German (advanced).

Natasha and Lorenz Sell have been guiding and facilitating small group interactions since 2012. They are co-founders of, a software platform designed around small group learning online. Sutra has supported projects at the Harvard Program in Refugee Trauma, the UN, the Presencing Institute, as well as many individuals and smaller organizations in creating online learning experiences that foster deep connection and communication.

Their work integrates a masters study from the Harvard Graduate School of Education with Theory U work from MIT professor Otto Scharmer, Immunity To Change methodologies from Harvard professors Robert Keegan and Lisa Lahey, as well as Thomas Hübl’s teachings on collective trauma. They live in Berlin, Germany with their dog Dakota.

Wendell Britt Jr. is a writer, podcaster, educator and reforming personal development junkie. Wendell is on a mission to merge the best lessons of life from Ken Wilbers Integral theory, Parts Integration and Roleplaying games to help people tackle some of the worlds hardest problems through imaginative play. His current projects include Mastering the Game of Allyship and the Worldbuilding with Wendell podcast.


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