The Wild Was (Nondual Beltaine)

I got up early-ish, dawn-ish, and walked to town. There’s a little hitch in my hip, and my eyes are dry and I think about maybe getting my hearing checked and all the things about the body- maybe a doc would be a good idea. My mind wants to fix all kinds of things, but that is an outer habit. The inner is quiet. I take the time, the conscious time, to “insert the Sabbath in every day.”

The Wild Was (Nondual Beltaine)

The wild was
inside of me
The wild was without
The wind and storm ferocity
And the gentle bud

She the sustainer
She that destroys
She as birthed and youthful
She as aged she that dies

The wild forever atom
This everglowing spark
The wild light
inside the light
That lives inside the wild dark

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