A concurrent virus spread rapidly across the planet. Its symptoms included a sudden awareness of the interconnected nature of earth as habitat, supply chain, a unified organism. Infected people became conscious of how the things we thought of as unchangeable reality were just passive buy-ins to social agreements they didn’t like much anyway. They worked in quarantine, from home—where families and lovers cared for each other with practices long dormant: massage and eye-gazing and mending and minding and tending and finding erogenous zones in the mind and body. Many closets and garages gave up hidden treasures, many unfinished or long dreamt of creative works materialized. People reported tingling and enlivenment through their whole bodies: a delicate and exciting vibration. Those infected reported a light going on inside of them, a power and presence that refused to go back to the old ways. And in this way, humanity spontaneously evolved.

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