Women of a Certain Age

Here are topics we discussed over the weekend as women of a certain age: Midcentury Architecture. Our favorite libraries. Starting Aikido. Neuroaesthetics in hospital and office design. Ayurvedic nutrition. Intimate communication. Fractals and sacred geometry. The poetry of David Whyte. Psilocybin strains. Making good choices (and going home alone!). The color orange. Classical guitar. COP27. Endocrine signaling. Nature magazine archives. Research clickholes. Our startups. Dreams. Structural economics. And that wasn’t even touching the stage topics, like sexual blueprints or legacy projects. What we did not talk about, (but Meta seems to think it’s all we are interested in): Spotty skin. Droopy eyelids. Belly fat. Our nonexistent malaise. Positive peers support each other in finding exquisite beauty, in learning, in doing our best and most meaningful work, in living as unconditional love, in values-based belonging. We ask each other questions like: What are you making, becoming, being in this world. What questions are alive in you. What’s turning you on. What is your cosmology. How’s your walk. How is your web of relations. How is your heart. How can I help. What do you desire. What was beautiful today. What keeps you up at night. What adventure should we plan. Want to meditate together in the morning. Would you pass the salt. Anything but the highly over dramatized so called “problems” of midlife. This is the moment we have. Tomorrow we will be older (if we are lucky). It’s happening. Don’t waste life energy arguing with this reality- get on with living. @[17841401548905294:6057:@karahourihan] you are a joy!

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