you this wilderness

you this wilderness

the pavement steams in the summer rain
you dance barefoot
with the earthworms and the silt
night jasmine wending on the wind
you float under the Milky Way
naked in a geothermal hot pond
far from the nearest streetlamp

your strides plunge deep into the crusted snow
the cold and ice sting your cheeks alive
as Orcas, slow and deliberate,
arc and crest above the water
at the bottom of the world

Your hunger is nature also
You bite into a ripe mango
Let the juice drip down your face
Pluck berries, still warm, direct from the vine
Eat your fill
And tear into meat with your canine teeth
It tastes of your own blood, salty and dark

You run because you can
Feeling the panting and beating of your own fierce heart
This nature that you are
This wild perfect nature that you are

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