From Shadow into Light: Living Free and Happy through Practice and Grace

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Adam Bauer and Christine Marie Mason in San Luis Obispo

From Shadow into Light: Living Free and Happy through Practice and Grace

October 26, 2018 @ 8:00 am - October 28, 2018 @ 5:00 pm

Join Adam Bauer and Christine Marie Mason for a special 3-day immersive dive into the healing waters of authentic presence with self and community.
We’ve found that living cleanly and freely doesn’t come automagically. It takes a touch of grace, a willingness to be uncomfortable sometimes, and a lot of practice. As we strip away layers of outdated patterns and beliefs, discomforts (such as shame or fear) may arise. When we say “practice,” we mean it: we slow down and work in pairs or triads, we stay present for feelings, listen for truth, track energy flow in ourselves and others. We practice speaking boldly and listening openly and authentically while staying connected. Much of this work we simply cannot do alone: in some domains, we can only evolve together. These skills may seem unsexy, but they are totally vital for unfolding a new way of being human.

We believe in the potency of creating safe spaces for intimate and vulnerable exploring of our authentic selves, with all our complications, wounds, brilliance and possibility. In this dance, we become more awake and fully present to our power and choice as we create and enjoy our lives and work to build the world we want to live in.

We will weave interactive teachings and practices on presencing, listening and intimacy, while exploring the gifts available to all of us in each moment for living whole and happy in the face of life’s challenges. We like to laugh and sing while we learn and embody–and there’s a pretty good chance of some good clean crying, too.

  • Morning meditation, yoga and breathwork.
  • Daily mantra chanting.
  • Fresh alive vegan food by the wonderful Iris Eisenlohr.
  • Loads of deep conversation and engagement, many chances to practice and receive.

The retreat will be held in a private location just outside of San Luis Obispo, CA and includes lodging and all meals. All are welcome. No experience necessary. Especially beneficial for couples who are ready to go deeper together, so bring your +1.

If you’re into getting to what’s real, and diving into a deep process of inquiry together, please come and join us! We’ll have a bunch of fun and aim to move the needle, too.

About Adam and Christine
We’ve each enjoyed decades of study and exploration in complementary realms of consciousness, energy and healing. Our experiences over the last 7 years of singing together, traveling together, and countless hours of practicing together have taught us a lot. We’ve found that by joining, we offer a broader range of insights and skill sets, as well as a balance of male/female polarity in weaving stories and leading circles. We are invested in life and work together: our lives and destinies depend on how we show up. We are both committed to the playful exploration of living in love and loving with devotion, to being wide awake and fully present to our power and choice as we create and enjoy our lives and work to build the world we want to live in. We are mirrors of and into the depth of Being, and we lean consciously into being more free and creative and engaged in life. And we speak of the pompitous of love. Hell yeah!

About Adam Bauer
Adam Bauer travels the globe sharing the heart-expanding beauty of group chanting in gatherings large and small. From Bhakti Fest and Wanderlust to more intimate festivals, ashrams and yoga studios, Adam enchants and inspires listeners with his deep, soulful presence wherever he goes.

At 18, Adam took his vows of renunciation, poverty and celibacy and lived as a monk for several years, studying massage and healing work while living in a small, vibrant urban community. He eventually rejoined the mainstream world, but never quite shook a core orientation of service and renunciation.

Adam was blessed to spend many years playing bass in support of sacred chant pioneer Krishna Das, and later with Bhakti Yoga legend Shyamdas, both of whom nourished his love of sacred sound and the yoga of devotion. For the last several years, and especially since Shyamdas’ passing in 2013, Adam has been on the road offering his own voice, teachings, and kirtan across America, Canada and India. A lifelong student of the devotional life, Adam enjoys sharing perspectives on the path of love and devotion wherever the opportunity arises. His critically-acclaimed records Shyam Lila (2014) and Wonderville (2017) are available at and on most major music services.

Trained and certified as a massage therapist, ontological coach, and sexual healing practitioner, Adam brings a variety of experience into his coaching and hands-on session work. A longtime student of the I Ching, sacred sexuality and sacred song, Adam works to synthesize and integrate life in a body with love, healing and devotion. With kindness, humor and sensitivity, Adam brings his whole self to his work, marrying passion, discipline and inspiration into a unique and potent offering, well suited to these times. More at

About Christine Marie Mason
Christine Mason is an American yogi, author, philosopher and founder. She’s also the mother of four adult children, stepmom to two incredible young women, and a grandmother. Christine works to advance individual and collective human potential, through spiritual and psycho-emotional development, non-violence, restorative justice, human rights and reverence for the feminine. Currently, she serves as co-founder and director of New Earth Mandala, a 15-acre meditation center and farm in Hawai’i. She is the founder and president of Rosebud Woman, a company offering plant-based personal care as a vehicle for increased reverence and dignity of the feminine. Her prior work includes decades founding and operating companies in the tech sector.

Christine has been teaching yoga since 2002. Her primary teacher is Mark Whitwell, who brings yoga alive in an embodied philosophy, customized for each person, available to all. She also has thousands of hours of trainings and certifications, including rigorous asana and anatomy training. She teaches vinyasa, partner yoga, meditation, breathwork, the yoga of parenting, yoga for anger management, yoga for the treatment of anxiety and hypertension, and tantric yoga philosophy. Through Insight-Out, She works with inmates in the California prison system, as they grow the inner skills to return to citizenship. She sings devotional chant with Adam Bauer Kirtan at festivals and yoga studios around the world.

Christine is also the author of Indivisible, which integrates her personal story with science, cultural and spiritual insights on overcoming separation in the self and society. She is the editor of the poetry volume Love in The Face of Everything, and the author of the upcoming work, Bending the Bow. She writes and shares spoken word poems at

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October 26, 2018 @ 8:00 am
October 28, 2018 @ 5:00 pm
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